Hebitel can help launch your MVNO

Hebitel is dedicated to working with our clients to help launch their MVNO operations.

We are experienced specialists in MVNO operations and we are completely focussed on getting the new business launched quickly, efficiently and profitably.

We are managers, not consultants and our speciality is in delivering operating businesses, so our clients know that we are focussed on the long term and profitable operation of their new MVNO.

Whether you are an MNO, an aspiring MVNO or an existing MVNO looking for international expansion, Hebitel can help.

Hebitel's experienced teams can help minimise the risks and maximise the rewards.

  • MVNOs let you build a telecom business without investing in spectrum licences or expensive technology.

    For incumbent Mobile Network Operators, MVNOs can be an ideal way to reduce subscriber acquisition costs.

  • MVNOs can provide excellent returns for investors but launching a new MVNO business is not without risks.

    Recent history shows many examples of MVNOs which have failed.

    MVNOs present management challenges quite different from those experienced by full network operators.

    Success relies on understanding the specifics of the MVNO environment.

  • •    Negotiate the right network and wholesale agreements

    •    Identify a clear market niche

    •    Identify the right network strategy to suit the company’s funding and objectives

    •    Manage marketing and distribution costs rigorously

    •    Continually monitor the competition and respond – MVNO products are fast moving, not “set and forget”

  • We are serious about the business of MVNOs.

    We focus on implementation and operations.

    We like to build MVNO businesses with long-term competitive advantage and great shareholder returns.

    We bring international experience into the detail of launching the new company to ensure it will succeed.